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Personal survival budget

Very few businesses make much money in the first year.  The form below will help you work out how much you and your family need to survive over the first 12 months.


Estimated Expenditure per year




Council tax, water rates


Gas, electricity, oil


All personal and property insurance


Food, general housekeeping expenses




Telephone and/or mobile




Entertainment (meals, drink etc) and holiday


Subscriptions to associations, journals etc


Car Tax and insurance


Car running expenses (incl. fuel)


Car service and maintenance


Children’s expenditure and presents


Savings plans


Loan repayments


Other (please state)








Expenditure in the year

Sub total (a)




Estimated non businesses income


Income earned by spouse or partner


Other income (please state) eg part-time job




Total non business annual income

Sub total (b)


Total Survival Income required in the year from your business i.e. sub total (a) less sub total (b)



Note: If your estimated income for the year (from sources other than your new business) exceeds your estimated expenditure for the year, you should decide how much you can invest in the new business.

 Download this table as a Word document